Dear friends,

Have you read the book “The Grace Outpouring” by Roy Godwin? If not, I highly recommend it. I am so inspired by this story told about a Welsh retreat center where God’s presence has been pouring out for years. It has me wondering if this could happen here.

I am inspired by their commitment to host the presence of the Lord. They emphasize prayer and worship as key to the unique and special grace the Lord gives them. It is a simple testimony of people who love Jesus, are faithful to worship, pray and love others. What has resulted is a beautiful outpouring of God’s presence and healing. In a little place no one knew about. 

Our world is changing 

Today’s world is a very different place than it was even a few short years ago. God is moving in unique ways through unique people. As I network with Christian leaders around our region, I hear the same testimony.

Each person’s story with the Lord is distinctive, but He is making foundational changes in churches, families, communities and regions. 

The unlikely are rising up 
These changes are raising up unlikely, unpolished and committed men and women of God. These people are surrendering their personal agendas for a sold-out life committed to Jesus. As they walk this out in unique and genuine ways, God is pouring out His presence. Lives are being healed, changed and restored. More, Lord! 
The results from intentional blessings 

Several years ago Gary felt prompted to expand his regular habit of walking around our personal property and releasing blessings. He went down to his family farm and began walking around the property, releasing blessings over the land. He did this for three consecutive years.

He was only able to visit once every 4-6 weeks, but when he was there, he released blessings. Gary grew up on this farm and worked it with his family. During these three years of intentional blessing, the fields yielded more crops per acre than any previous year he could remember. This is the result of intentional blessings.

I am inspired to be more purposeful about regularly speaking blessings over our neighbors and close community. In Luke 10, we read that Jesus taught His disciples to declare peace over a town before entering it. 

What if we learned to regularly use our words to bless our community…those in proximity to us…businesses in our area…whoever and whatever God brings to mind? 
What if we as Jesus followers learned to break the forces of darkness around us by establishing the peace of God intentionally? 

What if we learned to craft our prayers to bless our community?

Perhaps we would begin to see a shrinking of local occult practice and an end to criminal activity because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Back in Wales, at the Ffaldy Brenin Retreat Center mentioned in “The Grace Outpouring,” they intentionally release this type of prayer as they experience the movement of the Lord. I believe that we can do the same: 

“Lord, we bless what you do.
We love what you do.
We bless it, that it can increase, Lord.
Keep doing this, Lord.
We love what you do.
We bless your activity here, Lord.
We welcome it even when it appears bizarre.
God, we want you to be God,
and even if there are some things that make us,
a sophisticated people,
feel uncomfortable as we think of ourselves,
we don’t want to limit you, God.
You can do whatever you like,
even if it offends us.
You do what you want to do, God,
in the way you want to do it,
and we’ll bless it.”
This is a courageous prayer.
It is a brilliant prayer.

I have been challenged by the Lord in my prayer life to watch for His activity, then jump on board and declare my agreement and partnership with Him in what I see Him doing.

As I do this, it becomes easier for me to keep my focus on what God says is important without being distracted by the seemingly urgent diversions of life. It becomes second nature to regularly speak blessings over my neighbors and close community. 

Our words are powerful for blessing and cursing  

We often carelessly release all sorts of curses over our circumstances and our cities. Without intending to, we reinforce the darkness by speaking about it over and over.

We can learn to utilize the authority Jesus has given to us by speaking blessings over people (whether present or absent), homes, towns, areas, regions, nations, land, businesses, schools and more.

I believe God is just waiting for us to partner with heaven to bring His will in tangible ways into every arena of life. 

Linking arms through 24/7 prayer 

Many of you are familiar with 24/7 prayer, modeled most often by prayer centers across the country. I love this concept. As these prayer centers partner with what God is doing, much prayer is released consistently over a region and they see incredible blessings flow.

It is my heart that we would always have prayer and worship flowing at Dare to Believe Ministries. I sense the Lord asking us to partner with him in 24/7 prayer from our homes, linking arms together hour-by-hour throughout each week to steward God’s presence in our region. 

168 people: 1 hour a week 

If you are consistently awake during the early hours, or if you prefer midday, you could choose to pray during those times. It’s up to you! By linking our “spiritual arms” in this way, we can cover our region in 24/7 prayer. As our spirits align with the Holy Spirit, we will see blessings, salvations, peace and healing like never before. 

We invite you to commit to pray for one hour per week for 52 weeks, beginning January 2021. We plan to provide a simple prayer outline in the coming weeks.

All that is required is a surrendered heart to pray as God leads, and time spent stewarding and releasing His presence. 

Let’s link arms and jump in to more of God’s presence as we cry out to Him for our communities together. Are you in? 
As your prayers increase, may you see more of God’s presence released in your life and community, overflowing to everyone around you!
Pastor Kristi