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Welcome to the DTB podcast

We pray these podcast episodes are a blessing and encouragement to you in your journey with the Lord.

Be empowered as you listen to Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick share personal stories of how they’ve dared to believe God. Learn how God is moving through dreams as they walk you through dream interpretation from a Biblical perspective and interpret dreams submitted to the podcast. Hear from wonderful guest speakers and be inspired by all the ways the Holy Spirit is moving around the world.

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Current podcast episodes

Season 4 episodes

4.8 Total transformation

with Adam & Lexie Molina

4.7 A hopeful reframe

with John E. Thomas

4.6 Divine Provision

with Dan Morrow

4.5 Transition dreams

with Pastor Kristi & Rebecca

4.4 A Presence-based lifestyle

with Chuck Parry

4.3 the History of the mystery

with Fr. William de Arteaga

4.2 Keep dreaming

with Pastor Kristi & Rebecca

4.1 Warring with Wisdom

with Dawna DeSilva

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