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We are a Bible-based ministry focused on teaching and mentoring with a heart to bring heaven to earth to transform lives, release destinies and glorify God wherever He sends us.


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Our heart’s desire is to share what we’ve learned over the years about God’s love, power and His Word.

We train, encourage and help others to receive freedom, healing and learn to recognize God’s voice through Scripture and revelatory gifts, including Biblical dream interpretation. We are in awe of the breakthroughs we see occur in individual lives through Dare to Believe Ministries.”

– Pastors Gary & Kristi Graner

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24/7 Prayer Initiative

Our heart’s desire is to always have prayer and worship flowing at Dare to Believe Ministries. We invite you to sign up for a weekly time slot to join us in prayer over our cities, state, nation and world. May God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

Understand Your Dreams

Learn all about how God is speaking to you in your dreams!

This course walks you through Biblical keys to dream interpretation and provides insight and clarity on how to understand what God is saying to you while you sleep.

“The biggest impact Emerge Transformation School had on me is transformation of identity. I know myself better, I know God better, I can go out there and flow in the Spirit with no fear. And I really love that!” - Onos

“Dare to Believe’s SOZO ministry is unparalleled to conventional “therapy.” Kristi and her team carry a banner of freedom and a level of grace that compels the believer to commune with Jesus and see Him get His full reward in them!” -Kate

"I was truly blessed by my SOZO session. It set me free from depression and opened my heart in a new way to Father God. I was set free and healed from the deep wounds that were exposed from situations in my past that caused fear and rejection. I am now free to move on in the plan God has for me. I feel such freedom!” - Dale

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A time to rest

A time to rest

    A time to rest Note from Rebecca Ribnick   July. Just this word puts a smile on my face. Thoughts of July’s green lawns, full gardens, and bright sunshine keeps me going during the bleakest of February days. July is the pinnacle...

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An important role to play

An important role to play

    Father: fa – ther.1. Provider, protector and supporter.2. So much more….In the month of June, we traditionally celebrate Father’s Day and we are glad that we do. Fathers have such an important, and many times under-valued, role.This...

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Becoming an overcomer

Becoming an overcomer

    Dearest friends,This is quite a season that we have been in (and are still going through!), isn’t it?I don’t know about you, but between Covid-19, politics and racial tensions, I sometimes find myself frozen, afraid to make a...

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