About Us

Our heart for you

Led by Pastors Gary and Kristi Graner, Dare To Believe Ministries (DTB) is a place where you hear from the heart of God and learn to speak into the hearts of others. You will receive Bible-based teaching and mentoring that empowers and encourages you to recognize God’s voice, discover His purpose for your life and receive keys to spiritual freedom and healing.

Our statement of faith

1. With God’s Word and Presence as our Source and Foundation: we partner with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to bring change and healing where He has stationed us.

We recognize Jesus Christ as our example and perfect demonstration of the nature and character of God. We embrace the supernatural capabilities available to mankind. We give Jesus our complete allegiance and loyalty as Lord and Savior. From Him and because of Him we have available to us Power, Peace and Provision. In Him we live, move and have our being.

2. We place at our core the determination to love God with all our strength, all our minds, all our hearts and all our souls.

3. We endeavor to practice and inspire others to practice loving our neighbors as ourselves, regardless of their nationality, race or creed.

We believe that God created all human beings and thus all human beings deserve love and respect.

4. We understand that God created humankind in His image as one tripartite God.

We are created in God’s image: body, soul and spirit.

5. We recognize that living a reasonable life can be learned as a discipline and practiced as an art, but not until it is experienced in the form of Spiritual Rebirth can its full Power be released upon earth.

We agree that this Rebirth cannot be achieved through creeds, rituals or laws, but only by the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we are humble in heart, forgiving toward our enemies, with love for our fellow man, the reality of this baptism and faith in God is evident to others.

6. Christ and all He represents is central to all we are and all we do; everything else is marginal.

7. We believe that God’s Kingdom may be projected into the activities and lives of people.

These take form in Sozo ministry, pastoral ministry, ministry school, conferences, Bible studies, intercessory prayer, business intercession network, prayers for healing, classes, outreaches, dream interpretation outreaches and gathering to worship. We believe that these ministries should be prayerfully visioned and carefully planned. In each area of ministry, there will be a point person who carries the fire, devotion and calling regarding that activity.

8. Everything we do will be a means of bringing the Kingdom into demonstration upon this earth.

With this connection of faith to unite us, one in union in Christ and freedom in action, moving with wisdom and grace, we seek to unify and strengthen the Godly spiritual forces of the nations and the world that are working to save mankind in this watershed age.

Our Story

1990 | Starting Out

Kristi served in several pastoral roles at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, Minnesota for nearly 20 years and the Senior Leadership Team for more than a decade. She started the church’s small group ministry in 1990, oversaw Hosanna!’s leadership development and led the church’s prayer, revelatory and freedom ministries. Through these experiences she discovered a passion for equipping and coaching people to discover their spiritual gifts, leadership skills and life purpose.

2008 | New Beginnings

As ministry opportunities continued to grow in the United States and around the world, Kristi and her husband Gary knew it was time to step out in faith. Together they launched Dare to Believe Ministries. Kristi continues to teach at Hosanna! and other Christian venues throughout the United States and abroad.

Meet the team

Kristi & Gary Graner


Founder/Director of Dare to Believe Ministries
Kristi’s heart’s desire is to teach others to listen to, discern and follow God’s leading. She holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation from St. Mary’s College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to serving on the Senior Leadership Team at Hosanna! Church, she has mentored under John Paul Jackson and the Sozo team from Bethel Church in Redding, California.


Gary has served in the marketplace as a manager, leader, pastor and consultant for more than 30 years. His heart passion is to combine his business leadership skills with Kingdom growth in the marketplace. He also loves to do outreach in a variety events in the greater Twin Cities area.

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