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Episode 25. HOPE Release and Season 1 Wrap-Up

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In this final episode of Season 1, Kristi and Rebecca talk about the recent release of Rebecca’s book, HOPE: A Practical Guide to Praying for Healing, share fun testimonies of how they’ve seen God work, and recount some of the highlights of the first season. This episode is sure to encourage you and fill you with hope as you head into the holiday season.

Kristi and Rebecca want to thank the listeners for making the first season such a success. Please send your testimonies of what God’s done this year through the podcast, or any suggestions, or interviews you’d like go hear to: kristi@dare2believe.biz or rebecca@dare2believe.biz.

**This is the final episode of our first season! We’re taking a break for the holidays and recording some great episodes to bring to you soon. Please subscribe to our podcast so as to not miss any great episodes from Season 2.