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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 24. Randall Worley: Permission to Learn

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How many of you strongly believe something right now that you didn’t five years ago? Ten years ago? If you’re listening to the Dare to Believe podcast, then the chances are very high that your faith has changed significantly throughout your life. In this episode, Kristi and Rebecca interview renowned scholar, author, pastor, and teacher Randall Worley and hear about some of the different ways in which he’s grown over the years all while encouraging believers to stay learners, ask good questions, change positions, and come together over relationship, not agreement.

Some of the episode highlights include:

  • Agreement and acceptance are not synonymous.
  • God never tests us to see what we’ve learned but if we’re willing to learn.
  • We can be controlled by the need for certainty but faith and predictability cannot coexist.
  • “God gave me a greater faith to receive revelation than a fear I would be deceived.”