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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 23. John Thomas: The Painful Road to Truth

  • President of Streams Ministries International
  • streamsministries.com
  • Facebook/Instagram: Hav1ALuv

What happens when we put our whole heart into believing for something and it doesn’t happen? When the loved one we were contending for passes away or when our experience doesn’t align with what we thought we knew?  As painful as these seasons are—and they are some of the hardest times in our lives—they also provide an opportunity to walk in the tension of a kingdom that’s here and on the way, and to step into greater levels of truth.

Join Kristi on the road as she interviews John Thomas, President of Streams Ministries International, as he shares about his process through pain after the untimely death of Streams’ founder, John Paul Jackson, and his unconventional road to Streams leadership. We’ve said it before, it’s an upside-down Kingdom. The last are first. Promotion comes through humility. And our deepest pains are often the greatest opportunities for new life.

**Please join us Saturday, Nov. 1 for a simulcast training with John Thomas at Dare to Believe in Burnsville, MN. Follow the link for more details: https://dtbmn.org/event/engaging-the-angelic-simulcast/