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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 22. Danny and Sheri Silk: Stepping Out in Faith

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Danny and Sheri Silk are giant killers—emphasis on the plural. Time and again they’ve stepped out in faith and believed God beyond their understanding and have left a trail of breakthroughs and victories for others to follow. In this special, two-for-one episode, Kristi and Rebecca interview first Danny and then Sheri Silk at the Minnesota Loving On Purpose Summit. Both segments pack a powerful punch of wisdom, truth, and encouraging stories from where Danny and Sheri dared to believe God in their own lives, in their ministry, and in the business world.

Highlights include: “Follow your favor—it’s easier to float your boat down the river than carry it through the trees;” “Don’t wait too long to surround yourself with powerful people;” “If nothing changes, nothing changes;” “My courage came on the other side of yes.”