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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 20. Jeffrey Hardwick: Taught by Peace

Peace. Just the word evokes images of water gently lapping against a beautiful shore. Comfort and wellbeing find their place in peace. So too, do rest and the refreshment. In our constant world of incessant communication, texts, and alerts, where the news is broken into by more, louder, breaking news, peace can get lost in the shuffle.

But what if peace is more than just stillness, rest, or quiet? What if peace is one of our greatest teachers that leads us into our destiny? Minister and prophetic voice Jeffrey Hardwick is a man taught by peace. Join Kristi as she interviews Jeffrey about his journey in hearing God’s voice more clearly and in the process, pick up some tools that just may reshape your life. Let peace guide you. And may the peace of Christ rule in your heart (Col. 3:15).