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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 18: Ray and Kathryn Leight: Abundant-Life Identity

“We don’t actually live out of what we know, we live out of what we believe. And we don’t always know what we truly believe, and we don’t always believe what we know.”

In two sentences, Ray Leight succinctly addressed the issue that has emprisoned many of us for years. We know Jesus saved us, yet continue to live lives far from the abundant life he promised. The root of this all comes down to our identity—who do we truly believe we are.

Join Kristi in this fascinating conversation with Ray and Kathryn Leight, identity coaches, speakers, and authors. The truth they share has the power to unlock your best self—the redeemed, perfect, beautiful, wonderful self, and launch you into the life you were created to live.