Dare To Believe Podcast
Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 17: Teresa Liebscher and Deborah Enomoto: Origins
  • Teresa Liebscher, Co-founder/creator Sozo Ministry
  • Deborah Enbomoto, Long-time Sozo trainer
  • bethelsozo.com

Bethel Redding before Bill Johnson! Life before Sozo! Join Kristi as she hears from Sozo Ministry’s co-founder, Teresa Liebscher, and Sozo trainer Deborah Enomoto in this fun, light-hearted episode recounting life at Bethel pre-Bill Johnson and the creation of Sozo. Teresa and Deborah share with such joy and confidence that one could think it’s always been this way. But like most things that look effortless, their ease is the fruit of hard work. Learning how to receive God’s love and truth in every area of our life requires work, but Teresa and Deborah’s lives are evidence that it’s worth it.

Let their stories, their testimonies, and even more, their natural rest and confidence in God’s goodness give you the strength to dare to believe God for yourself.