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Dare To Believe Podcast
Episode 15: Dr. Kim Bushman: Psychology and Spirituality

  • Kim Bushman, Ph.D., L.P.
  • http://www.watersedgechc.com/

Did Jesus sleep through the storm because he was confident in his power to see it stilled? Or was he able to sleep because internal peace governed his body, soul and spirt in the midst of it?

We don’t have to choose between being spiritual and having happy, healthy emotions. In fact, God cares immensely about our whole being—including our body and soul. In this episode, Kristi and Rebecca interview the brilliant and fascinating Dr. Kim Bushman as she shares about her journey into greater health and about the place where psychology and spirituality meet.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever your storm, there’s hope that your life can be better than it is right now.