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Dare To Believe Podcast
4.07 John E. Thomas: A Hopeful Reframe

Wow. Buckle your seatbelts, friends! 

John E. Thomas, director of Streams Ministries, provides a powerful, hopeful and hope-filled framework from which to view and navigate our current season of life. Inside of this new lens, we will find hope for today and keep an eye on the future through focusing on God and His Word.

This episode is full of encouragement and words of wisdom for today’s doctors and nurses. John and Rebecca pray special blessings over medical professionals, so please listen and share this with someone you know in the medical field so they can be encouraged!

  • Be challenged to seek God in the midst of your calling and encounter a God who has incredible things in store for us – not just down the road and someday, but HERE and NOW!
  • “Be blessed to hear the voice of God, to respond to the voice of God and to experience the Lord’s pleasure as you do what you’ve been called to do.” – John Thomas
  • Be encouraged to let your work be worship. Do the best you can and ask God for creative solutions. He will give you ideas and solutions that glorify Him and bring peace to the chaos. Trust his voice!

No matter the work you do, this episode is packed with wisdom and insight on how to navigate the confusion of the transition period we find ourselves in, honor God in our work and receive creative solutions to the problems we face today. We look to the past and see what God has done in order to build our faith and expectation for what God is doing and about to do during our lifetime.

This is a very special podcast with John Thomas, including an epic, uplifting spoken word at the end! We pray you are encouraged as you continue to seek the Lord for wisdom and do what He has called you to do.


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Psalm 21:7