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Dare To Believe Podcast
4.04 Chuck Parry: A Presence-Based Lifestyle

Do you want to live fully aware of God’s unique, and deep love for you? Not just the kind we sing about in Sunday school, but the kind that changes our perception of reality to align with the Kingdom of God and produces the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, as well as signs, wonders and miracles? Us too.

Join Kristi as she hears from Chuck Parry, director of the Bethel Healing Rooms in Redding, CA and a man who lives immersed in the presence of God and an atmosphere of righteousness, peace, and joy. And oh yeah—there are plenty of miracle testimonies in this one, healing (that’s a given), but also painless childbirth and raising the dead.

Chuck’s 4-Step Model for Hosting the Presence in every situation:

  1. Honor God’s presence (his presence in us and his presence around us.
  2. Believe God only does wonders.
  3. Trust God wants to use us to do wonders.
  4. Expect impossible things to happen.

Connect with Chuck: https://chuckparry.com/