Dare To Believe Podcast
Dare To Believe Podcast
4.01 Dawna De Silva: Warring With Wisdom

All of us have a God-given assignment to make earth look like heaven. This path toward kingdom transformation inevitably involves killing a giant or two. There are two options in these spiritual battles: Going toe-to-toe with the enemy, or sitting back and letting Jesus fight for us. While that seems like an easy choice, in the middle of a fight, it doesn’t always feel so clear.

Kicking-off season four of the Dare to Believe Podcast, Kristi and Rebecca interview author, speaker, and longtime DTB friend Dawna De Silva who speaks candidly about fighting from our position in Christ. Dawna discusses her latest book, Warring with Wisdom, in which she writes about understanding our authority in Jesus and how to partner with Him when we engage in spiritual warfare.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Peace brings wholeness.
  • Praying from the seat of love instead of fear or selfish ambition.
  • “If you’re not seeing your prayers answered, find out what’s on God’s heart and then praying that.”
  • Not letting our past dictate our future.