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Dare To Believe Podcast
3:16: Tony Caterina, Part 1, One Step at a Time

Meet Tony Caterina. Tony is the director of HEART Ministries. He hears from the Lord, lives by faith, brings the Kingdom everywhere he goes, and, oh yeah, has as broken a background and starting place as any of us. In part one of our two part conversation with Tony, Pastor Kristi and Rebecca hear some of the origins stories of how God took a broken man and forged him into the Kingdom-bringer he is today. Tony talks, and feels, just like your own uncle Tony might—he’s real, down to earth and freely admits that if God can use him, he can use anyone.

God wants to encourage you today: There’s no hole too deep he can’t pull you from. There’s no journey, misstep, or mistake too wayward that he can’t get you to your destiny. And there’s no such thing as a lost cause. (Tony’s words.) This episode is a gentle but strong reminder to trust the process and not despise small beginnings. If God did it for Tony, he will do it for you. If God did it through Tony, he will do it through you, too.

Episode Highlights:

-“I started to think about what I was thinking about.”

-“I’m willing to look like a fool for the Lord.”

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