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3:15 Kristi Graner on Bethel Sozo

We all have it: That painful situation that pops up every so often; that moment when we behave well below our maturity level; or even that one spot in our heart that’s so painful and discouraging that we can’t quite bring ourselves to talk about it. And that is exactly the place of your next great breakthrough.

As Pastor Kristi Graner says in this podcast episode, “Many times the things you absolutely don’t want to have anything to do with are the things the Lord is trying to get your attention about.” In other words, areas of pain, discouragement and doubt are the exact places where we are one step away from becoming our areas of victory. But how do we overcome in areas that have routinely held us back?

In this episode, we hear from Dare to Believe Ministries’ own Pastor Kristi Graner, who also happens to be the regional Bethel Sozo facilitator, about the powerful form or inner healing prayer and deliverance that is Bethel Sozo—both what it is and what it isn’t. The good news is that breakthrough and freedom is so much easier than we thought possible when we let Jesus do the heavy lifting.

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