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Dare To Believe Podcast
3:14 Yvonne Martinez: Freedom from Trauma

90% of mental health diagnoses and 80% of addictions are rooted in unresolved trauma, so why is there often a feeling in the church that we need to cover up our trauma, pretend it didn’t happen, and present a “good face” to the world?

As Yvonne Martinez, ordained minister and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (with a whole bunch of letters after that!), shares with Kristi: We don’t make God look bad because we have a problem.

In this powerfully packed episode, Yvonne marries the best of what the church and the world have to offer in facing trauma and finding freedom. Regardless of your background, there is always hope for the abundant life God designed for you!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • “The body carries the trauma of what words can’t express.”
  • “Learning to trust God as your protector is a process.”
  • “I reconciled my lack of fathering with Father God through understanding my need, not my loss.”
  • It is for freedom’s sake that Christ set us free.

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