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Dare To Believe Podcast
3.05 Bill Vanderbush: Following the Story

The shortest distance between the head and the heart is a story.

For many of us, our religious knowledge outweighs our personal experience with God. Much of our faith is linked to our heads without experience, learning Godly principles and doing the right thing instead of knowing and experiencing the person of the Trinity. Yet, as pastor, author, and speaker Bill Vanderbush put it so well, “Intellectual ascent is only an invitation into an experience.”

In this 5-star episode, Kristi and Rebecca hear from Bill as he shares the story woven through his life of a God who likes to take a different route, work from rest, and Bill’s journey of moving to a place of union and fellowship with God instead of merely an understanding of who God is.

Your life is an unfolding, well-crafted story. The most exciting, fully alive version of you is waiting on the other side of your idea of what your life story is “supposed” to look like. This incredible adventure is accessed by surrendering to the God who is writing it. Disney’s got nothing on you!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Value in the art of unlearning.
  • “Somewhere along the line we learned what we have to do to get close to God instead of Jesus’ message which is what God did to get close to us.”
  • “I’m not striving to get somewhere; I’m surrendering to be where I’ve always been.
  • “There’s one journey you have in this life to find out: What God believes about you and agree with it.”
  • “The imagination is a limitless canvas on which a limitless God can create.”

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