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3.01 Ruth Buezis: Awaken Love

We’re back with Season 3 of the Dare to Believe Podcast! We’re pulling out the big guns for the best season yet, hitting all the hot topics including: money, dreams, identity, and like this week’s episode, sex!

God’s more excited about your sex life than you or your spouse are.

Wait, God and sex? Are both of those words allowed in the same sentence? In our Season 3 kickoff, Kristi and Rebecca talk with Ruth Buezis, author of Awaken Love: The Truth About Sex that Will Transform Your Marriage. In this episode, we hear why fear, misunderstandings and so. much. shame. have stolen incredible sex from our lives. Ruth leads the charge in breaking off religious stereotypes, leading us into freedom, and re-writing what you think you know about sex both for you, your spouse, and the next generation.

Married or single, the world is already talking about sex, it’s time we do too.

Join an Awaken Love Class at Dare to Believe:

Women: https://dtbmn.org/event/womens-awaken-love-video-class/

Men: https://dtbmn.org/event/mens-edition-awaken-love/

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Sex is a continual getting to know one another
  • How to discern what’s right instead of just a set of rules
  • Freedom from sexual baggage
  • Sexual purity vs. sexual integrity

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