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2.22 Kristi and Rebecca: Dreams, Part 5

We’re back for the Season Two Finale with one of our favorite subjects: Dreams! In this installment of the listener-favorite series, Kristi and Rebecca tackle some more listener-submitted dreams and share encouraging words of hope, freedom, and faith. The theme to this episode is that God knows the places of our trauma and fears, he knows how certain situations make us feel, and he’s too good to leave us stuck living below our destiny. The topic of generations makes another appearance as God speaks to one dreamer in particular about how her decisions mean freedom for the generations to come. Also in this episode is discussion around intercession and what to do with what God shows you at night.

Episode highlights include:

  • Dreams that impart faith.
  • Dreams that inspire and impart the grace necessary to go for all God has for you.
  • Things that seem small grow bigger and bigger throughout the generations. Your small yes to God means big things for the generations to come!
  • As believers, we are not called to cope but to overcome.

This is our final episode of Season Two. To make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting episodes in Season Three (spoiler alert: we’re starting off strong with episodes on sex and money), subscribe to the Dare to Believe Podcast. Please leave a rating and share this with a friend while you’re at it.