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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.21 Dave and Taff Harvey: Living the Impossible

What would you do if you felt like God told you to sell your car and give away the proceeds? Or you felt led to write a check that included a zero or two more than you’d done before? As easy as it may be to dismiss that we’d ever find ourselves in a place where we feel free to live out this kind of radical generosity, the truth is generosity and faith are muscles that grow with use. By developing our muscles through walking out our own history with God—and learning to celebrate and be fueled by the testimonies of others—we will find ourselves doing things in the future that feel impossible now. When we know who God is and our identity in him, we’re able to do things that seem impossible to someone looking at it from the outside.

In this faith-filled episode, Kristi hears how Dave and Taff Harvey grew in their faith to trust God in matters financial and beyond. Dave and Taff share how God miraculously provided for them over and over in their journey from Australia, through years of ministry school at Bethel in Redding, CA, and beyond all while imparting a grace to rely on God’s character, to use testimonies like a trampoline, and the incredible truth that generosity unlocks a divine flow from heaven.

Contact Dave and Taff:

  • https://www.bethel.com/ministries/bethel-leaders/
  • https://www.facebook.com/davetaffharvey/