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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.20 Kim and Shari Babcock: Identity and Connection

Every episode on the Dare to Believe podcast is unique. There’s no script, only candid conversation with believers from all over the world sharing their experiences following God. So the fact that the themes of our identity in Christ, the importance of connection to other believers, and how to pass revival on to the next generation keep coming up tells us that God is trying to get our attention. And this episode with missionaries to Argentina, Kim and Shari Babcock, is no different.

Join Rebecca on her recent trip to Buenos Aires, as she hears Kim and Shari share about their passion for seeing believers connected to the body, passing on revival, and learning to walk out their identity in Christ. As Shari put it, we want to see Christians who, “raise the dead in the morning, clean toilets in the afternoon, and who understand that all of that is a part of a normal Christian life.” Yes, yes, yes!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • “Obedience is enough.”
  • “Don’t let your past keep you from what God wants you to do.”
  • “Everything changes from the ground up when we know our identity in Christ.”
  • “True success is knowing who we are and then walking in it.”

If you want to contact Kim and Shari, email Rebecca at: Rebecca@dare2believe.biz and she’ll get it to them.

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