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2.17 Judy Slegh: Help! I Have a Prodigal

For many believers, one of their worst pains is a relationship with a child, sibling, spouse, or other family member who has chosen to walk away from their relationship with the Lord or the family. Painful doesn’t begin to describe the situation. You may feel betrayed and abandoned—both by that person and by God. And worst of all, you often feel powerless to do anything about it.

  • The truth is there is hope.
  • There is help.
  • You are not alone.
  • And God has not abandoned you.

In this episode, Kristi and Rebecca are joined by longtime friend and author Judy Slegh who walked through a prodigal season with one of her children and then used her ministry skills and gifting to create an incredible resource for others–and there are many, many others. Judy talks about her journey walking through this incredibly painful season and realizing that she was not powerless in the midst of this. Whether you’ve personally experienced a prodigal relationship or not, this episode will release compassion for everyone involved, give you hope with incredible testimonies of the impossible happening and give you some practical tools in the midst of it all.


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