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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.13 Kristi and Rebecca: Dreams, Part 3

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night from an intense dream with your pulse racing, feeling both unsettled and afraid? Us too. Try as we might to forget the dream and go back to sleep, it lingers and with it the unease that it brought to us. In light of these dark dreams, some of us carry heavy burdens with them throughout the day. Others pray to stop having dreams altogether. But there is a third option: To get God’s perspective on the dream and hear him speak through it or use it to bring us revelation about his Kingdom.

Join Kristi and Rebecca in the third part of the Dream Series for an episode spent discussing the dreams that sometimes feel dark or heavy but still contain a powerful message of God’s grace, power, and sovereignty.

*If you’re interested in having one of your dreams interpreted in an upcoming episode, please leave a short synopsis of your dream, including any emotions you experienced, colors you saw, and a title for the dream, here: https://dtbmn.org/contact/