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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.07 Ray Leight: Living a Lifestyle of Freedom

We tend to think that we know our identity as a son or daughter of God. But the reality is, we don’t live out of what we know, we live out of what we believe. For many of us, though we may know in our head that in Christ we’re holy, perfect, and blameless, we don’t truly believe the fullness of the gospel—and how we know we’re not believing the fullness of the gospel is if there is any area in our lives where there’s fear, shame, guilt, or blame operating. Join Kristi and Rebecca as they hear from Ray Leight, author, life coach,  and president of Faith by Grace Ministries as he shares about learning what’s truly in our hearts and upgrading our beliefs to align with what we know in our head to be true.

Episode highlights include:

  • “God doesn’t always give you the answer you’re looking for, but the answer he does give you resolves the issue.”
  • “We get to choose whether we live in fear, shame, guilt or not.”
  • “You don’t always have control over your situations and circumstances all of the time, but you have absolute control over your thoughts and emotions.”
  • “Your heart doesn’t lie to you; it will always tell you what you really believe. It doesn’t always tell you the truth, but it does tell you what you truly believe.”
  • “You’re either in Christ or not in Christ. We’re not in some process of becoming righteous, holy and pure.”

Contact Ray:

  • faithbygrace.org