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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.06 J Brian and Renae Calva: Wholeness in Marriage

The things in our lives with great power for good also contain the potential for great pain. Marriage, love, and sex can be some of the most beautiful, pleasurable, life giving aspects of life, but converse it also true. In this powerful and fun episode, Kristi and Rebecca hear from J Brian and Renae Calva as they share about their journey in marriage to a place of wholeness. J Brain and Renae approached their marriage from very different starting points, but both carry deep revelation about of the power of unity in marriage, walking out our destinies, and worshipping Christ through our love for our spouse. Whether you’re married, single, or sort of single, this episode contains healing and inspiration for the more God has for you.

Episode highlights include:

  • “If you do the very best to be a whole person, you’ll attract whole people as well.”
  • “Wholeness is not about not having brokenness but about having the mender of the brokenness fill those places for me. The wholeness is I’m connected to Christ and know how to receive from him.
  • “I have a source, and it’s not the other person.”
  • A healthy marriage helps you walk out your destiny. An unhealthy marriage is an obstacle to destiny.
  • Is sexuality worship?
  • How to honor sexuality in singleness.

Contact J Brian and Renae:

  • heartsigniting.com