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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.05 Rod and Connie Marquette: Grace and Honor

“I was walking in the light of what I knew, but I didn’t realize how much more light there was.” Our lives are intended to move from glory to glory in a kingdom that’s ever expanding. What we understand about God and our identity today is nothing compared to what we will know about Him in the years to come. When we’re confronted by increased revelation of God’s grace and mercy we can change to keep up, or get offended and dig in our heels. Join Kristi and Rebecca as they hear from Rod and Connie Marquette as these long-time pastors share about two great keys to move from glory to greater glory: grace and honor.

Episode highlights include:

  • Honor means you don’t measure people
  • Grace means you don’t need to measure yourself
  • “Sometimes we think we’re protecting the truth by not honoring [others], but really it’s God who protects truth.”
  • Incredible testimonies about bringing God into the work place

Contact Rod and Connie:

  • destinyrochester.com