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Dare To Believe Podcast
2.01 Stephen De Silva: Heavenly Finances

  • Author/Speaker
  • https://stephenkdesilva.com/

Finances are a spiritual thing. No, really! God is good, generous, and giving and there is a place where we can live in that balance between lack and entitlement. Join Kristi in this interview with Stephen De Silva, creator of the Prosperous Soul training and former Bethel Church CFO, as he shares powerful keys and great stories about walking in financial freedom and peace.

Episode highlights include:

  • Discussion about God’s unique desire among world religions to make himself known
  • God’s nature as good, generous, and giving and what that means for every area of our life (including finances)
  • The dualistic nature of the enemy’s plans—poverty and mammon (entitlement)
  • Praying it forward
  • Recognizing where God’s at work in finances
  • How to walk in the balance of stewarding our finances with wisdom and radical obedience to the voice of God