Happy February!

For many people, this is the month of love. For those of us in the Upper Midwest…it is also the month of deep freeze…brrrr!

I have been thinking and meditating more lately about transitions and progression.

The passing of loved ones
As many of you know, my mother went to heaven in March 2020 and my father in January 2021. We were actually surprised that he lasted 10 months without her.

They were such an amazing couple who were married for 67 years – they loved each other deeply.

Although both had been aging and we knew the end would be fairly near, the reality that they are gone is still a challenge for me. Our heart as a family is to honor the foundation, love and family legacy they gave us.

My parents’ passing also has me thinking about my mentor, John Paul Jackson, who passed away in February 2015. These last six years have gone by quickly. As a spiritual father, there is so much to be honored and carried on from his life as well.

Continuing their legacy
As we honor those we love who are no longer with us on earth, we want to be sure we don’t put them on a pedestal and see them as “super-human.”

In reality, they were sons and daughters who loved God, loved people and inspired others to pursue their passions and dreams.

I believe the most fruitful way to honor a natural or spiritual parent is to take what they’ve given you and run with it with everything in you.

Being intentional
In this month where we celebrate love, let’s be intentional to honor those who have gone before us. Those who taught us about love – God’s love and truth – and set us on a path to follow Him.

They left treasure for us: things we learned, love we received, wisdom we watched in action.

Are you running forward and carrying well what has been passed on to you?

At Dare to Believe Ministries, our goal is to intentionally release what has been passed on to us by natural and spiritual mothers and fathers.

As we pronounce and portray a world where men and women partner together in the way God intended, we are positioned like no other time in history to powerfully influence this world to operate the way God intended it to be.

Together as men and women, children and heirs of God, we will bring His kingdom to earth (Genesis 5:2).

Now more than 2,000 years after Jesus rose from the dead and released His authority to us, we believe that we can have a goal to actually do more signs and wonders than JesusHe told us we would (John 14:12)!

We must be intentional to trust God more than we are intimidated by the world.

God has good things in store for you…do you believe this?

We have to trust him on that! He is more powerful than anything that comes against us. Do you know this truth in your heart?

Prayer and worship are foundational to all that we do. Stay engaged in intentional prayer. Worship regularly. You will be transformed! 

Going further
You and I are breaking through! We declare we are going further than the generation before us.

My parents stood on the foundation of the generation before them, and they carried on and improved upon those legacies. Still, they were only able to go so far.

Spiritual parents provide an amazing foundation to stand on.

We have the opportunity and assignment to take this further than the generation before us. It is in our hands to teach our natural and spiritual children to continue the race to pass on blessings and increase for generations to come.

Let’s take what they have given to us and go even further.

It is up to us to partner with heaven to see a generation rise up to love more deeply, trust more completely and pray without ceasing (Psalm 71:18).

In Acts 2:17, God tells us, “I will pour out my spirit on ALL FLESH.” That’s YOU. That’s me. That’s our neighbors, our region, our country, our world!

If we are willing to allow God to show us and teach us how, we have the potential to become a demonstration of the resurrection power of God in a beautiful and more powerful way, unified more than ever before.

This is who we are!

With love,
Pastor Kristi