How it all began

Note from Kristi Graner


Beginning this month, our team has decided to make some changes to our monthly newsletters. We are entering this year with the intent of helping many people get to know the extensiveness of Dare to Believe Ministries.

You may be surprised to learn about some of the fruitful characteristics of this ministry. Although you know us, you may not fully know who we are and in what avenues the Lord has led us in to serve.

Each month we will explore a different facet of Dare to Believe Ministries. Thank you for reading!


My friend, a missionary in Malaysia, called me one day and said, “The Lord told me that He gave you the name of your ministry…what is it?”

It was a fun conversation, but I replied that the communication must be delayed because of time zones (😁) because God hadn’t told me yet.

Later that same day as I was on my way to do some shopping, I was considering my conversation with my friend. All of the sudden, I knew!

The name dropped in my heart, and it was perfect.

“Dare to Believe.”

I often had to work extremely hard to convince people in the church that what the Bible tells us about all of the amazing ways God speaks (through dreams, prophetic words, healing, etc.) is all still true for us, even today!

I soon discovered a pattern. I was consistently encouraging people to have the courage to believe, not only because God tells us to do so, but also because many times we will each need courage within the church to believe these things.

The Lord reminded me that just as Gary and I were “daring to believe,” our encouragement to others should literally be called “Dare to Believe.”

At this point, I was still on staff at a local church. They blessed me to go start this new ministry, and the adventure of beginning Dare to Believe Ministries began.

Gary and I didn’t know for sure what was next or how it would look. I told the Lord, “I don’t care if I ever do ministry again, as long as I have you.”

We moved forward with hearts and hands open to whatever the Lord did next, and we soon began receiving speaking and ministry requests.

Little by little the Lord made it clear that I would be doing ministry, but this time He was teaching me about His Kingdom and what Kingdom ministry looks like.

That was over 14 years ago, and we are still learning more every day about God’s ever-expanding, ever-reaching Kingdom. The journey to “dare to believe” God for more is a daily process. His goodness and kindness never fail us.

We are so grateful we have met you on this journey and that you are daring to believe with us!

Pastor Kristi


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Mark 11:24