Application to Join the Dare To Believe Sozo Team

The DTB Sozo team is a group of volunteers connected with Dare To Believe Ministries, under the direction and leadership of Pastor Kristi Graner. The goal of the team is to minister to individuals who are seeking freedom and a closer relationship with God.


To become a member of the DTB Sozo team, you must be a member of a local church and have the blessing of your pastor in the form of a written or emailed recommendation. You must also have attended the Sozo training and completed a Sozo session yourself. Your inclusion and position on the team will be under the discretion of Pastor Kristi Graner.


Sozo sessions are scheduled by the leadership of Dare To Believe Ministry and are held at Twin City locations that support this ministry. Leaders of the Sozo Ministry are Kristi and Gary Graner. Kristi has been conducting and overseeing this type of ministry in a pastoral role for many years.


If you would like to be considered to be part of this team, fill out the Sozo Team Application below.


“I am still in awe at the deliverance received at my sozo! When I heard that it would take 2 ½ hours that seemed like a long time for a seventy five year old woman to sit in one place, but the time just flew! I have been delivered from several wounds in my childhood that I thought had been dealt with in counseling 40 years ago. It is a wonderful feeling.” – Barb


Sozo Team Application

You must have had your own sozo before applying to be a part of this ministry.
Date you attended Basic Sozo Training?(Required)
Basic Sozo Training is required before applying to be a part of this ministry.
Approximate date of your sozo?(Required)
Sozos are rarely scheduled during the evening or during weekends.

A referral/recommendation from a leader of your church for participation in this ministry must be e-mailed to or