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2023 podcast season

December 19, 2023: Sprouts in a dream, what could it mean?

December 9, 2023: Highlighting our Hungry Man ministry

November 21, 2023 Dreams episode: Drawing out our dreams

November 11, 2023: Our heart for businesses and intercession

October 25, 2023 Dreams episode: Learning to drive a bus

October 14, 2023: Talking Worship with Kristi & Brittani

September 19, 2023: Talking Dreams with Kristi

September 9, 2023: Pastoral Counseling with Kristi & Theresa

August 22, 2023: Dreaming in black and white?

August 12, 2023: Sozo (Inner Healing) for Children

July 18, 2023 Dreams episode: angels, guns & authority

July 8, 2023: Alignment prayer

June 20, 2023 Dreams episode: mountain, birds + eyes!

June 10, 2023: Dreams in the night

May 23, 2023 Dreams episode: haircuts and wisdom

May 15, 2023: 24/7 Prayer

May 11, 2023: All about our ministry school!

April 25, 2023 Dreams episode: Metaphors & body parts

March 31, 2023: Walking through a really good dream!

March 16, 2023: Healing from the Inside Out (All about Sozo!)

2021 season episodes

2021 podcasts

4.8 Total transformation

with Adam & Lexie Molina

4.7 A hopeful reframe

with John E. Thomas

4.6 Divine Provision

with Dan Morrow

4.5 Transition dreams

with Pastor Kristi & Rebecca

4.4 A Presence-based lifestyle

with Chuck Parry

4.3 the History of the mystery

with Fr. William de Arteaga

4.2 Keep dreaming

with Pastor Kristi & Rebecca

4.1 Warring with Wisdom

with Dawna DeSilva

2020 season episodes

Listen to the full season

2020 podcast highlights

Covid-19 dream episode

with Pastor Kristi & Rebecca

From Riots to Revival

with Dr. Charles & Lindsey Karuku

Freedom from trauma

with Pastor Kristi & Yvonne Martinez

2019 season episodes

Listen to the full season

2019 podcast highlights

Healthy prophetic & kingdom identity

with John E. Thomas

Living the impossible

with Dave & Taff Harvey

Dreams, part 5

with Kristi & Rebecca

2018 season episodes

Listen to the full season

2018 podcast highlights

What is Dare to Believe?

with Kristi & Rebecca

Shifting atmospheres

with Dawna De Silva

From burning man to burning hearts

with Josh Hoffert

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