Not on my watch

Note from Pastor Kristi


Lately when I glance through the headlines and I pray, “God what is going on?!” The Lord reminds me that I am on this earth to bring heaven to earth in this time in history. So are you.

We live, work, and play where we do because we carry the presence of the Lord into all those locations. Whether you are intentional about it or not, you are changing history. I am asking the Lord to teach us how to do even more for Him.

The symptoms of brokenness are overwhelming. Gun violence, murder, suicide, drug use…it’s all on the rise. We cry out for laws to correct these problems. While these laws help, they do not deal with the root cause of all this brokenness, evil and pain.

You and I hold in our hearts the solution to these issues. Our lives matter. We can change history. People do not know who they are. They do not know the God who created them. They do not value life, because they don’t understand why they are alive.

There is a ministry I know that is engaging with the most broken, dangerous and hurting people. They are making amazing progress by bringing the Lord into even the most secular of settings. They adapt their language to the context, but their priority is helping people understand “who does love say that you are?”

Because God is love, people begin to think about and understand why they were created. They begin to see that they are valued, that they matter. They are healing and becoming healthy. One life at a time.

You and I can bring the truth of identity into all our conversations, relationships, and environments. Love has an answer. Love has a name. His name is Jesus.

There is a saying, “not on my watch.” The roots of this term are military in nature. It refers to the time when a soldier is on duty and therefore responsible for what happens. Another way to say this is “that will not happen while I am in charge or on the lookout.”

You and I are alive at this time in history and carry God’s presence because this is “our watch.” Instead of feeling overwhelmed by this concept, I pray that you will feel empowered!

Much like Esther in Biblical times, this means that we have the opportunity to change history by standing up, being heard, being seen and not accepting evil.

Men – you are a father. To your natural children and also to the children God has put in your life. You are alive at this time in history to make a difference. If you’d like more resources about the importance of fatherhoods, check out this website >

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2018), 18.4 million children (1 in 4) live without a biological father, step father or adoptive father in the home. That’s enough children to fill New York City twice or Los Angeles four times over.

Research shows that a father’s absence affects children in numerous unfortunate ways, while a father’s presence makes a positive difference in the lives of both children and mothers.

When God’s men show up, pray, play and love God’s kids, lives are changed.

Women – we are mothers. We are here to offer love, guidance and truth.

God’s wisdom to Solomon was evidenced when two women were fighting over one baby. Solomon knew that the real mother would not allow the baby to be “split in two.” Mothers are created to love, protect and nurture their children.

Regrettably, many mothers are so broken and confused in our culture where babies are being killed by the thousands. Something is broken in mothers that we can help heal.

When a woman knows her true identity, she is able to love herself, her children born and unborn. But in her brokenness, she does not protect that life.

Laws can help protect the children, but only God’s love can restore a mother’s identity. When a woman knows who she is, she and her children are safe.

You and I are alive for such a time as this. We can make a difference just by showing up where God has placed us. We can bring heaven to earth. We can help individuals understand “who love says that they are.”

This is our watch.

I’m praying this over us:
“Father, we thank you for everything you are doing, we are so grateful to you. Thank you for putting hunger in our hearts for you. Thank you for your Spirit that lives in us so that we can represent you in this world. Lord, take us deeper into you than we have ever been. Help us to understand your ways. Transform us…renew our minds…wash us with your word. Thank you for placing us where you have placed us and empowering us to change history because of your son Jesus.”


With love,


Psalm 103:2-3