Highlighting our Hungry Man ministry

Note from Pastor Gary Graner



You might be wondering…what is Hungry Man all about? And where did that name come from? I’m excited to share with you how it all got started! 

About 10 years ago, I was with a small group of guys that were hoping to get together to share and learn from each other concerning faith issues. We set out to gather guys from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds because we wanted to be able to hear from from all perspectives. Our only requirement was for the guys to be hungry for more of God. Thus, the name Hungry Man was born.

We committed to meet once per month on a Saturday morning for just a couple of hours. However, we found it was challenging to get enough guys who would set down their ‘to-do’ list and come to a 9am meeting on a Saturday for some community.

At our Hungry Man gatherings, we first spend some time getting to know each other, followed by a short Biblical teaching. Typically, one of the more experienced attendees will give the message, but we also want to engage as many guys as possible in teaching and leading the meeting. Our goal is to raise up confidence in each man by giving them a platform that they would not normally have in their home church.

After the teaching, we always include a time of discussion. This is a time when everyone’s voice is heard and their questions are answered.

Prior to ending the meeting, we check in with the group to see if anyone has specific needs for prayer. During this time, we encourage everyone to listen to the Lord for answers that may apply to these issues. This is an exercise that helps all of us grow in hearing the voice of the Lord. We follow our listening time by praying forth what we feel the Lord is saying concerning the issues we are praying about.

We realize it’s important to know the voice of the Lord, and for each guy to have the opportunity to learn to hear God’s voice better. We also recognize that not everyone understands how to listen to the Lord, so this often becomes a teaching time for those who may be new to the experience. We feel it’s very important to steward this time so that all attendees can have a time to learn and grow in a very safe environment.

When you visit the Hungry Man page, you’ll see upcoming dates, times and location, and we encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter and select the Hungry Man list so we can add you to our monthly email alert. 

Hope to see you soon and please bring a friend!

Be blessed,


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