A new season filled with opportunity and Holy Spirit encounters!

Note from Pastor Kristi Graner


“I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” – Jesus in John 4:32

As a nation, we are entering a season of opportunity and adjustment. It is not hard to find a conversation where people are upset about the challenges we face as Christians at this time in history. Regardless of your political alliances and personal opinions, this is a season for prayer.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done.” (Matthew 6:10)

As disciples of Jesus we have this opportunity to pray as He taught us and change history. You, your prayers and your vote will make a difference for the future of our nation.

When Jesus walked the earth, there were three pronounced religious practices among the Jews: giving, praying, and fasting.

Jesus’ own ministry began with a classic forty-day fast. Fasting and prayer are two of the most powerful weapons we have to release heaven to earth.

History records victory after victory as God’s people fasted and prayed.

We are calling upon God’s people to unite in 3 days of prayer and fasting each and every month through election day.

Fasting for America

Join Dare to Believe Ministries and many more passionate believers in fasting and praying for our country, asking the Lord to bring renewed integrity, honesty, and justice into the election system of the United States before the votes are received.

Joining this powerful movement means that you will unite with us in prayer and fasting for the upcoming elections. Together we can make a difference and bring about positive change in the judicial system of the United States. Let’s stand together in faith and watch as God moves with integrity, honesty, and justice.

“Then, when you fast, don’t look like those miserable play-actors! For they deliberately disfigure their faces so that people may see that they are fasting. Believe me, they have had all their reward. No, when you fast, brush your hair and wash your face so that nobody knows that you are fasting—let it be a secret between you and your Father. And your Father who knows all secrets will reward you.” – Matthew 6:16-18 (JB Phillips Translation)

The way Jesus explains it, prayer and fasting doesn’t take much:

  • When fasting, look normal—and cheerful! “…put oil on your head and wash your face…”

  • When fasting, fast for God “… so that your fasting may be seen not by others but by your Father who is in secret.” We don’t fast to get something from God. We fast for communion with God.

Neither Jesus nor any of the new Testament writers command fasting.

When Jesus talked about fasting, he said, “When you fast…” He was not insisting that we fast, but expecting that His disciples would fast. They knew the importance of fasting in bringing heaven to earth.

Fasting is a powerful option when we want serious fruit.

When the disciples were frustrated with the lack of results from their prayers, unable to help a little boy who needed deliverance, they questioned Jesus about it. He told them what the problem was.

“Because you have so little faith,” replied Jesus.

“I assure you that if you have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed you can say to this hill, ‘Up you get and move over there!’ and it will move—you will find nothing is impossible.”

“However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

– Matthew 17:20-21 (JB Phillips Translation)

Many of us have been experiencing deep frustration about the state of our nation, our politics, and what might happen in the future.

It is time for us to engage more seriously as Jesus taught us. It is time to dig deeper and see our prayers become more fruitful.

Please join me once a month during the same week as our monthly worship night to pray and fast for 3 days on behalf of our nation as we move toward Election Day in November.

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We trust that as we partner with the Lord in prayer and fasting, we will see His Kingdom come and His will be done here in our communities, our nation, our families and our world in Jesus name!

Be blessed, friends!


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