Creativity and Courage

Note from Pastor Kristi Graner



When we read about the throne room of God, we read about colors, sound, movement, and indescribable beauty.

You and I serve a Creator who has instilled in His creation the ability to reveal this God-infused environment. Partnering with the creativity of heaven often takes courage because we are stepping outside of the boundary lines of current convention within the church.

At Dare to Believe Ministries, we honor the Lord, His Word, and His people.

Each time we gather collaboratively to worship God creatively, we find lives are enriched, hinderances are removed, destinies are restored, and people are blessed.

On March 8-9, 2024, we are thrilled to be hosting Streams Creative House for one of our Emerge Transformation School intensive weekends.

Streams Creative House is a pioneering, prophetic community of believers who desire to collaborate with Heaven’s supernatural, innovative ideas and solutions that transform cultures. They believe that the Bible resounds with irrefutable proof of a creative power that is planted in every child of God to enable them to fulfill every unique commission to any area of life and culture – through the examples of Joseph, Daniel, David, Solomon, and many others.

During our gathering on March 8-9, we will:
1. Delve into the layers of a creative strength found in God’s Tabernacle Pattern.
2. Read about this pattern in Exodus 25–31 and 35–40, Revelation 4-5, and other Scriptures as well.
3. Collaboratively reveal evidence of Holy Spirit’s desire to co-create with each believer in their unique purpose.

As we seek God together, our goal is to partner with God’s presence to:
– Open sacred spaces to encounter more of God.
– Access creative exploration and deeper connection with God.

Each individual in this Tabernacle Gathering will bring a piece of God’s treasure to our united pursuit for more of God. I pray that you will be one of those people.

Last year I interviewed Charity Bowman-Webb and Rob Mazza from Streams Creative House as they were in town to share with our ministry school students more about God’s call for believers to experience and share His love with the world through the beauty of creativity. Please watch this video to gain an understanding of the Tabernacle leaders and their heart for more of God.

I invite you to register for the Tabernacle Gathering we are hosting here next month. May you have the courage to follow God’s creativity deeper into your personal destiny.

With joy,

Watch the podcast!

Listen to Pastor Kristi Graner’s conversation with Rob Mazza and Charity Bowman-Webb from Streams Ministries as they discuss the topic of creativity. God’s first description of Himself in the Bible in Genesis 1 is as a Creator, and He goes on to demonstrate the creative process of creation. They walk through the beauty of creating with God, how it worships Him and honors Him and is a missing, needed piece in Christian life today. There’s such beauty in this conversation and we invite you to tune in and enjoy!