All about our ministry school!

Note from Kristi Graner



“The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.” – Proverbs 19:8 (NIV)

In September of 2023, we will begin our 15th year of our Dare to Believe ministry school! This school is a substantial commitment for us that has reaped tremendous benefits for our students.

In these many years of investment in Emerge Transformation School (previously DTB School of Transformation), approximately 300 adults have spent a minimum of a year growing in their understanding of who God is, discovering their identity as His children and learning more about what God’s Kingdom looks like.

“The biggest impact Emerge Transformation School had on me is transformation of identity. I know myself better, I know God better, I can go out there and flow in the Spirit with no fear. And I really love that!” – Onos, ETS student

If you love Jesus and follow Him, you’re in full-time ministry, regardless of your occupation.

No matter what you do or what your business is, whether you’re a doctor, architect, photographer, pastor, mother or a missionary, all believers are called to live a life that represents Jesus and the values of His Kingdom here on Earth. 

By the time a student graduates from ETS, our goal is that they’re just as comfortable healing the sick and prophesying as they are managing their own lives, communicating effectively or leading a ministry.

Our purpose for Emerge Transformation School (ETS) is to equip and empower individuals to transform their sphere of influence for God and His Kingdom.

“Emerge Transformation School is a safe place to learn to activate the gifts of Holy Spirit in your life and be able to use them to bless the church and God’s kingdom.” – Robin, ETS student

At Dare to Believe Ministries we believe that lifelong learning is essential for healthy spirituality.

God is infinite and always has more to teach us and to give us. We are committed to the healthy spiritual development of adult learners.

This month we invite you to join us for two ETS open house events. Experience what it’s like to be an ETS student for the evening and bring a friend or two with you!

  • April 17 at 6pm: Brian Fenimore will be teaching at our Burnsville location. Please sign up by Friday, April 14.
  • April 24 at 6 pm: Pastor Kristi Graner will be teaching at our Burnsville location. For this event only, you can join us in Burnsville or at our remote location in Plymouth where the teaching will be live-streamed. Please sign up by Friday, April 21.

Come experience our ministry school to check out what we are doing at Emerge Transformation School. 

“As you learn and grow in your identity, you will discover God’s purpose for your life in a new way. By staying connected to the Father, we carry His love and peace and are able to shift atmospheres wherever we go and bring heaven to earth.” – Theresa, ETS student

God has more for you.

We would love to be part of your journey in discovering who He has made you to be!

With love,
Pastor Kristi 

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