A wonderful inner-healing resource for kids

Pastor Kristi has many years of experience helping children receive inner healing and is passionate about seeing them live free. This simple-to-read and easy-to-understand picture book is specifically formatted to help children walk through the Sozo inner healing process.

This book helps children learn what it looks like and feels like to be hurt and covers the importance of forgiveness in order to be receive the healing they need – all through the eyes of a child!

Weeds in the Garden

A couple ways to purchase the book

This is an amazing kids book that will empower you and your family to live healthy and whole in body, soul and spirit! You can purchase a physical copy or download a digital version.

What you’ll get:

  • A powerful, kid-friendly teaching on the basics of inner healing
  • Inner healing truths that your kids will easily understand
  • Simple, easy-to-access digital download (if digital download purchased)
  • Brightly-colored and easy-to-read book printed on quality paper – perfectly sized for small hands (if physical book is purchased)

We pray this blesses you and your entire family!

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