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Sozo definition

1: (a) to save, (b) to heal, (c) to deliver

2: to save a suffering one, to make well, heal, to deliver from penalties of the Messianic judgment

An inner healing and deliverance ministry, Sozo is simple, fast, Spirit-led and effective. Sozo sessions find issues in minutes instead of years and help heal your relationship with God to enable you to fulfill your destiny.

About Sozo ministry

Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry based out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. It was created to help you get to the root of things in your life that hinder your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so you can be healed, whole and walk in the destiny to which you’ve been called.

Learn more about Bethel's SOZO ministryRead: Article about Sozo

Dare to Believe ministry sessions

Each Sozo session helps you receive healing from spiritual and emotional wounds and uncover any lies you are believing that may be keeping you from living out the truth of who you are in Christ. 

Every Sozo session is friendly, gentle and confidential.

Sessions are conducted by a phenomenal team of highly trained volunteers who are dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles and strongholds in your life. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Sozo team will walk you through an intentional, personalized process toward freedom and wholeness.

Note: Sozo is not a counseling session. It is a time focused on interacting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they lead you into wholeness and freedom that will empower you to pursue your destiny.

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Have you already been trained in Sozo healing and prayer ministry and had your own Sozo session(s)? Are you passionate about seeing others find freedom, inner healing and deliverance? Consider joining our Sozo team.

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Do you feel stuck in a cycle of financial struggle?

Are you dealing with specific lies around provision and finances?

Several of our Dare to Believe Sozo Team Members are released to do Financial Sozos and would be honored to walk you through discovering and releasing financial lies around your finances. Each session is gentle and confidential. We will partner with the Lord to find the areas He wants to focus on in your session and bring life, truth and restoration into what you’re walking through.

Bring Sozo to your church

Interested in integrating Sozo inner healing ministry into your church? We will come train your team! Options include providing Sozo sessions for your leaders; offering Sozo sessions to your congregation; training your admin on best methods to book Sozo sessions; providing forms, templates and training manuals; and more! The cost varies based on which package you choose, the number of people on your team and where you are located. Fill out the interest form below to receive a quote based on your church’s specific needs. We look forward to training your church and team in Sozo inner healing ministry!

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Bethel Sozo Ministry Training

Get trained in Bethel Sozo Ministry!

This Basic Sozo training will provide you with the tools and information you need to be trained in Sozo inner healing ministry. Learn the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus, and The Wall. Once your Sozo training is completed and you, your church or organization develops experience, then you’ll be able to start a Sozo ministry. The tools and information are also helpful for other inner healing/deliverance ministries, healing rooms, prayer or counseling ministries.

We only offer this training a couple times per year, so if you don’t see a Bethel Sozo Ministry training event available on our list of events below, keep checking back for our next available course! 

Weeds in the Garden

A wonderful resource for kids

Authored by Pastor Kristi Graner, “Weeds in the Garden” is an amazing kids book that will empower you and your family to live healthy and whole in body, soul and spirit!

You can purchase a physical copy or download a digital version.


Pastor Kristi

Invite Pastor Kristi to teach

Pastor Kristi Graner has been pastoring, overseeing and teaching Sozo healing and prayer for many years. Kristi is the regional Bethel Sozo director for the 5-state region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. She is passionate about seeing every person whole, healed and free to pursue God’s calling on their lives. 

Want to invite Pastor Kristi to teach or administer Sozo healing and prayer ministry to you and your team?

On the podcast

In this episode we discuss our Sozo ministry and share what it’s all about and what you can expect.


On the blog

DTB’s inner healing and deliverance ministry is focused around the Bethel Sozo model and the work that Jesus did with people when He walked the earth. Sozo is simply a Greek word that is used more than 270 times in the New Testament.


“I found the freedom I came there for!”

“I was truly blessed by my SOZO session. It set me free from depression and opened my heart in a new way to Father God. I was set free and healed from the deep wounds that were exposed from situations in my past that caused fear and rejection. I am now free to move on in the plan God has for me. I feel such freedom!

“I have never felt so loved and cared for by prayer partners. I felt that it was all about me for that time, which was so healing. Both prayer ministers were so loving and completely tuned into what my needs might be and how they could support me. I loved the aspect of blessing those that have caused harm in my life. No malicious words were spoken, only words of understanding and words of wisdom.”
“How would you describe the results of this ministry time? I appreciate the calmness of the session. How the got to the root of my issues. Forgiving others and myself was a major breakthrough. I also appreciated the way the Holy Spirit was invited in. In the atmosphere as well as in my heart.”
“Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel lighter, I feel open and free, and happy and healed on so many levels. My spirit, soul and body are in alignment, and I’d never heard of that before. I feel it!”

“I felt more free and less burdened. For the first time in several years I felt healed and whole. I am beyond thankful for this ministry time and feel like we cleared out some dark hidden cobwebs in my soul! I feel free, light, whole, redeemed.”

“The Dare To Believe SOZO ministry is unparalleled to conventional “therapy.” Kristi and her team carry a banner of freedom and a level of grace that compels the believer to commune with Jesus and see Him get His full reward in them!”

“Major breakthrough! I was amazed the tools that you gave me, things that you left me with and the ideas of God and the things that I could do with Him. You guys are amazing, thank you very much!”

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