Podcast Season 4 Episode 3
Dare To Believe Podcast
4.03 Fr. William de Arteaga: The History of the Mystery

Join Kristi and Rebecca as they journey to Canton, GA to interview historian and author Fr. William de Arteaga, living record keeper and revival scribe. Whether or not you are familiar with revivalists such as Agnes Sanford or Glenn Clark, your Christian walk has likely been influenced by them and their friends. As you listen to this episode, note that honoring the history of how God worked in their lives is not merely relaying information, but honoring the past and what they walked in releases an impartation for the same thing to happen in our lives—and even greater!


Fun fact about St. Paul, Minnesota

In addition to being one of the two cities that give the Twin Cities its nickname, St. Paul has the distinction of being the only U.S. state capitol named after an apostle in the Bible. Not coincidentally, the city posses an interesting apostolic history as the birthplace of the Camps Farthest Out (CFO) movement which you’ll hear Fr. William mention in this podcast. St. Paul is a hub of revival history, writing and teaching that continues to impact our understanding of prayer, healing and our Christian faith today.

CFO is a Christian camp movement started by Glenn Clark, modeled after the idea of an athletic team’s pre-season training camp but specializing in prayer and following the Holy Spirit. These camps were so powerful and still continue to this day, albeit without maybe the efficacy of the earlier years. (You can read more about the CFO movement here: https://cfonorthamerica.org/about/history)